What are the Benefits of Low Floor Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

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The technological breakthrough of low floor wheelchair accessible vehicles has significantly improved the travelling experience for mobility challenged passengers and drivers. Low floor conversions to wheelchair accessible vehicles come with multiple benefits, including:

  • Comfort: Low floor wheelchair accessible vehicles offer the most comfortable ride possible for mobility challenged passengers, from entering the van to arriving at the destination. Because there are no lifts or hoists necessary on low floor wheelchair accessible vehicles, entering the vehicle is a simple matter of smoothly wheeling in by a ramp. Increased space within the wheelchair accessible vehicle also improves comfort for the passenger. Both of these aspects combine with less jolts and shocks while driving to provide a truly comfortable experience.
  • Visibility: In these types of vehicles do not need to be fitted with external or internal wheelchair lifts, meaning that there is less bulky machinery involved in the conversion. Rear, side and front windows are left unblocked, allowing the mobility challenged passenger to fully enjoy their travelling experience. With these vehicles, passengers can even be positioned at the front seat of the vehicle, giving them both the best view in the car and an increased sense of normality to their driving experience.
  • Self-Drive: Probably the greatest advantage of low-floor wheelchair accessible vehicles is that they give many mobility challenged individuals the chance to drive again from their wheelchair. Before low-floor technology, this advance was thought impossible and it was generally accepted that disabled people could only hope to be passengers in their own wheelchair accessible vehicles. Today, however, it is easy for mobility challenged individuals to be largely self-sufficient with the ability to drive them to wherever they want. For this function, these vehicles need various adaptations in the driving controls to enable easy use by disabled drivers.
  • Easier Community Accessibility: While lifts and hoists may be acceptable for privately owned wheelchair accessible vehicles, imagine how difficult and time wasting it would be using electric lifts on larger community use vehicles. For large wheelchair accessible vehicles such as public buses and community coaches and for accessible taxis, low floor technology has been invaluable in speeding up the process of transporting mobility challenged people. Because it is easier and faster to load wheelchairs onto low floor wheelchair accessible vehicles, as for example it is just as easy for a mobility challenged person to ride a bus as anyone else, the whole process has become more dignified and less frustrating for everyone involved.
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You will read some big advantages of Low Floor Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles through this article. Capital Special Vehicles is the manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles with either a lowered floor conversion or wheelchair lift, vehicle adaptions, step and seating adaptations and disabled driver's hand controls for the mobility challenged and handicapped.

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What are the Benefits of Low Floor Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

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This article was published on 2011/08/29