Vans have come a long way when it comes to driving style

By: Ted Brumby | May 10, 2012 People are now appreciating the value and utility of having a van. Minivans are great for car pooling, with the capacity to carry up to 6-8 people comfortably.

Why Professional Moving Companies Are Essential for Relocation

By: alina cruz | May 10, 2012 Shifting to a new place is a stressful and expensive experience, if you do not take the support of any experienced mover.

Man and van: commercial vehicle soundproofing

By: Jason H Walker | May 10, 2012 Anyone who’s ever driven a van for a living will know that they have never been the most comfortable of vehicles. In many ways it’s understandable as they’re there for a purpose, and that’s to do a job. They’re the workhorses of manufacturing and delivery drivers. What’s most important is that these vehicles need to be totally reliable and dependable. Yes they can be threadbare and a

Handicapped Accessible Vans: What You Need to Know

By: Thomas Wright | Apr 22, 2012 Because of globalization and advances in technology, a lot of innovations have been made in caring for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and ensuring convenience in their day-to-day lives.

16 Passenger Van Rental

By: Webmaster | Apr 12, 2012 This van will provide four kinds that will accommodate 15 and even 16 passenger seats which will also include the driver. The usual sliding door will be electronic for this specific 16 passenger van rental. These are reasons why you should rent these vehicles as transportation.

The Just Married Car

By: Gabe | Mar 29, 2012 Most of us remember the car we drove when we first got married. These cars hold a special place in our hearts.

How To Tell When You Should Change Your Car Battery

By: Gabe | Mar 28, 2012 Car batteries die eventually, but how do you know when to change it out? Find out here.

Manchester Van Hire for Your Delivery Needs

By: Kathy Green | Mar 27, 2012 Setting up a business is such a big challenge. The challenge usually comes from the spikes in your business dealings.

How to Go About Motorhome Hire in Germany

By: Kathy Green | Mar 27, 2012 Exploring Germany at your own pace and time is always the best way to go. And it won’t matter whether you’re doing it with your whole family, with a loved one, or even alone.

The positive aspects of renting a Ford Transit commercial van rather than buying

By: Kiersten Jeffery | Mar 27, 2012 Buying a commercial van can sometimes be very pricey, so it may be a good idea to lease a Ford Transit van instead.
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