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  • Top Best-selling Cars in the World
    Sky Light2010/05/11 13:27:05 pm| 15699 views|0

    Such famous auto brands as Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, and so on are always preferred by people all over the world. While Corolla, Camry, and Yaris of Toyota are the best selling models in Asia or North America, the others like Fords are favored by people of all continents. However, there are often some little changes in the auto models to fit the weather and interests of users in each nation. Below

  • Rarest and Expensive Cars in the World
    Sky Light2010/12/08 12:47:18 pm| 8535 views|3

    The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was recorded as the most expensive car ever. It was sold for $8,700,000 in 1987. Meanwhile, the Bugatti type 41, also known as Bugatti Royale, is now one of the rarest cars in the world. Bugatti produced only 6 from originally planned 25, among them only 3 could find their buyers. However, these cars are not listed in top rarest and expensive cars in the world because they are not available in the market nowadays. Following are 10 most expensive and rarest cars on the market.

  • Former England football team captain, David Beckham, was driving his F131 Hellcat Combat motorcycle for a spin around Los Angeles, geared from head to toes with a black helmet, gloves, jacket and boots to match. The famous footballer of LA Galaxy reportedly owns the special motorbike collection including GBP 40,000 (USD 64,000 or EUR 46,000) that he only rides on a racetrack, Harley V-Rod or the Ducati Monster 1100 that he used for a test drive in August. American handsome actor, Tom Cruise, who is a close friend of Beckham, is reported to also own the same bike.

  • Stars’ Luxurious and Unique Cars
    Sky Light2010/07/09 08:45:16 am| 10322 views|0

    Cars have played an important role in our daily life. They are not only a means of transportation for people to travel from one place to another but they are also a way of showing the personal style and appearance in harmony with their reputation. Such celebrities as Taylor Lautner, Andriy Shevchenko, Tom Cruise, and so on prefer some famous auto brands like Audi, Bugatti generations. Lets’ enjoy the cars used by well-known stars as follows:

  • Tyre Prices In India
    Pooja Lapasia2011/02/08 12:45:35 pm| 2839 views|0

    Car Tyres Price in India - buy best car tyres at low price online in india, offers best deal to buy car tyres with user reviews at low price online in india.

  • Top Super Police Cars
    Sky Light2010/04/08 14:36:16 pm| 7239 views|0

    As far as you are concerned, police cars are considered to have high speed to chase crimes. Below is the list of the most desirable police cars in the world:

  • Six-Wheel Hummer H2 – Tuning Car
    Sky Light2010/06/14 11:38:23 am| 7419 views|1

    Hummer auto car has just introduced its tuning edition, a six wheel vehicle. This new edition is the tuning product of 213 Motoring tuning company. The Hummer is designed to accommodate the extra set of wheels as liberating acres of space on the inside. In addition to the extra axle, the other striking additions to the 6-wheeled H2 has a body kit, a whole new exhaust system and not one or two, but a full dozen lights which adds shine to the front end of the car. Let’s discover more this new unique model via the following pictures:

  • Mr. Bean’s Big Car Collection
    Sky Light2011/08/10 13:03:25 pm| 0 views|0

    Actor Rowan Atkinson, who has got international fame as “Mr. Bean”, owns an estimated wealth of £65 million. One of his major interests is fast cars so the successful comedian spent much on a huge vintage and classic car collection that includes Aston Martins, Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz 500E, Bentley Mulsanne, Honda Civic Hybrid, Lancia Delta Integrale, Rolls Royces and McLaren F1.

  • The Seoul Motor Show (SMS) is the only international motor show held by Korea that promotes the evolution of the automotive industry heading toward an eco-friendly direction. This year’s show is being held at Ilsan KINTEX from 1 to 10 April 2011. It is considered as the biggest show in the history of SMS. Most of the cars of the future which are being displayed at the show are more and more powerful and clean. The Seoul Motor Show 2011 is bringing consumers various kinds of eco-friendly vehicles as well as sports cars. Here are some impressive future car designs at the show:

  • In Picture: Million-Dollar Cars
    Sky Light2011/08/19 15:15:24 pm| 0 views|0

    There are cars with million – price tags (tags exceeding $1 million) which can be purchased by only wealthiest clients.

  • Most Impressive Car Interiors
    Sky Light2010/04/16 16:04:14 pm| 4535 views|0

    Car manufacturers are spending much money on researches and developments and trying to get the better interiors of their existing cars. Thanks to innovations, interior designs also vary and change a l

  • Most Expensive Cars of 2011
    Sky Light2011/01/05 16:37:46 pm| 33064 views|0

    Basing on the prices received from car manufactures, the Forbes magazine has recently released the list of the most expensive cars of the year 2011. All the cars which have been named in the list have luxurious interior and futuristic design. Their maximum speed can reach over 400 km/h. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Koenigsegg Agera, Maybach Landaulet, Pagani Zonda C9, Hennessey Venomo GT, SSC Ultimate Aero, and Ferrari SA Aperta and so on are considered as the most expensive cars of this year. Let’s have a look at these photos as following to get more information about these luxurious cars.

  • World Cup 2010 is being held in South Africa with lots of promising and exciting football matches. Contributing to the success of this international sport event, we must mention the names of football stars such as Rooney, Rolando, or Kaka. Thus, soccer fans often raise the questions about their private life in terms of their love, their family, or even their hobbies. One of them may be which vehicles such famous football players often use in their daily life. Lets’ see as follows:

  • Pit-Bull VX is the brand-new armored SWAT truck of Alpine which will make its debut at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference at the end of this month. This kind of truck provides the best protection from all sorts of attacks ranging from small firearms to major mine blasts.

  • Most colorful airplanes in the world
    Sky Light2010/08/25 13:56:44 pm| 5508 views|0

    Nowadays, plane is regarded to be the most popular means of transport. Traveling by air can be both comfortable and convenient to tourists as well as businessmen. Especially when time is becoming one of our most treasured resources, flying is a preferred choice of traveling to and from various destinations. It can be seen that each airline has its own air transport services with different planes, logos, slogans, and so on. In many parts of the world, a lot of airlines have the idea of decorating their aircrafts with colorful designs and creative styles. Let’s check out the images of unique planes as follows:

  • Top Fastest Police Cars Worldwide
    Sky Light2010/12/22 08:00:27 am| 1813 views|0

    People often think that only car-racers have opportunity to own the fastest cars worldwide. However, this idea is not right in all cases because police in many countries are also equipped some famous supercars that help them catch up with crimes everywhere. Now, let take a look at typical mirrors among the best cop cars like Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, FQ-999, Caparo T1 and Brabus Rocket Police Car.

  • Honda Brio’s First Looks
    Sky Light2011/04/01 09:42:55 am| 339 views|0

    Honda Brio is a hatchback that aimed to the young urban people with a dynamic style made by Honda India. The car is expected to be the most fuel-efficient car in the upcoming days which can fight against Hyundai i20, Toyota Estilo, Maruti Swift, Chevrolet Beat, Maruti Cervo and Toyota Etios Liva etc... Honda Brio car is not only environmentally friendly but also stylish and simple. It was considered as the star at the 2011 Bangkok International Motor Show, the biggest automotive event in South-East Asia. The star is said to become a preferred product in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia and so on.

  • Top 5 best mileage bike in india
    Auto Infoz2012/01/19 16:39:25 pm| 0 views|0

    It's a great bike that truly wins in the comparison test if held for the great handling and high RPM engine performance.

  • Motor Collection of Brad Pitt
    Sky Light2010/05/06 13:25:49 pm| 2138 views|0

    Brad Pitt is a famous male star who becomes the idol of many people in the world thanks to his beautiful wife, lovely children, handsome appearance, and his gorgeous castles or villas. Also, his collection of vehicles is of great ambition to everyone. Let’s take a look at the unique motors, which turn out to be very simple, not luxurious as his fans have thought of, Brad Pitt owns:

  • After a series of polls for outstanding issues in the entertainment industry, in particular, and around the world, in general including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and so on, this article takes the poll for VIP cars of most powerful people all over the world. Chinese President Hú Jǐntāo, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Queen Elizabeth II, Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates are among the biggest names, most influential to the world's development. Therefore, in addition to great achievements, their private life including lifestyles, hobbies, passions, habits, and some others also become the center of press and media worldwide. It's just several days for the year of 2010 comes an end, the poll for the most powerful people in the world with their VIP cars. A Mercedes for the German Chancellor, a Cadillac for the US President, a Peugeot for the French President, and so on are among the most powerful cars of VIPs.