Top maintenance tips to keep your vehicle roadworthy during winter

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Winter is round the corner and it’s fun time for a lot of us. Conversely, it’s a tough time for those who hate getting out of the blanket and walking outside during the cold days. While you can stay indoors and keep yourself warm, your car won’t be able to do so. The cold and snowy conditions are simply as harmful for your motor parts as they are for you.

Of all the seasons of the year, winter necessitates the maximum care and maintenance to avoid an unexpected breakdown. The reason behind this is that mechanical failures are quite common at this time of the year; street conditions could be very challenging, especially during snowfall or icing.

Electrics and battery

Heaters, wipers and lights have massive effects on your car’s battery. If you generally travel during dark hours and the nature of your driving is rash, the issue of battery wear-out will be very common. Batteries hardly last more than five years. If you get it replaced before time, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, money and inconvenience at the roadside.


If you turn on the engine and hear a constant squeaking noise, it’s a clear indication that the water pump is frosted.  The cylinder block could develop snow as well. When such a situation crops up, turn off the engine immediately and allow the ice to melt out. Unless you take the vehicle to a heated garage, this thawing process may take a couple of days. If the engine gets overheated within a short span of time, chances are that the radiator has accumulated ice, hampering the performance of the coolant. Just stop the car immediately and allow the snow to melt out completely. 

Clear visibility

Ice, dirt or damaged car windows may hamper your vision or even cause you to pay a heavy fine. Remove snow from the windows as well as the roof of your automobile, since this may obscure the windscreen. This could be dangerous for you as well as other people on the road.  

Maintain a clear visibility by checking that the windshield is frost-free both inside and out. Chips, scratches and erosion on the outside can also result in poor visibility. You can make use of air conditioning for quicker de-condensation and to lower misting levels on chilled windows.

Proper tyres

It’s advisable to have a minimum of 3mm of tread during winters; make sure that it’s not below 2mm. Never lower tyre pressures for getting better grip; it lowers stability and isn’t very useful.

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Top maintenance tips to keep your vehicle roadworthy during winter

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Top maintenance tips to keep your vehicle roadworthy during winter

This article was published on 2013/04/17