Top auto maintenance tips to add life to your ride

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There an age-old saying:

As you sow so shall you reap. This adage is apt for your life as well as your vehicle. When your purchase your own car, it’s a dream-come-true affair for you. From making the down payment to taking your first ride, everything is special for you. Sadly, this a temporary phase and as time passes by, you start neglecting your vehicle.

A majority of the car owners fail to realize the importance of auto maintenance in their lives. Just because you’ve paid a hefty amount for your automobile doesn’t mean that it will remain the same forever. Nothing can escape the cruel hands of time. As time passes by, our body grows older and loses the shine and flexibility it once had.  Similarly, your car loses its performance if you remain indifferent to maintenance requirements. Remember, if you love your vehicle, it will love you back. Besides taking your automobile for frequent tune ups, it needs care and maintenance on a regular basis. Following are a few handy tips to keep you as well as your vehicle happy on the road.

Car care tips:


A majority of the batteries of today’s automobiles are sealed, servicing-free and last in excess of three years. The very first sign that your battery needs replacement is when you face problem turning on the engine.

Engine oil

If you want your vehicle’s engine to run efficiently and smoothly, check and replace the oil at regular time intervals. Take help of the owners handbook to change the lubricant – normally, every three to six months or 3,000 miles (whichever occurs first).

Take a look at the fuel level after turning off the engine and parking the vehicle on a flat surface. If you notice that the oil level has dropped down, fill it up. However, don’t overfill, as this may prove hazardous for your engine.


Engine antifreeze or coolant must be replaced every two to three years, or sooner if you use your vehicle on a daily basis. As a general rule of the thumb, you must replace coolants every 30,000 miles.  For advanced technology vehicles, it may have a lifespan of up to 50,000 miles.

Brake lights and headlights

Park your vehicle on an even surface and ask somebody to walk around and see whether the lights are okay – turn signals, headlights, tail and brake lights, etc. Don’t try to replace the bulbs on your own. Instead, consider taking help of a professional who is thoroughly trained in this field of work. Aiming and changing headlights is quite a challenging job, and only a mechanic knows how to do it.

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Top auto maintenance tips to add life to your ride

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Top auto maintenance tips to add life to your ride

This article was published on 2013/08/21