Three-Point Checklist before Acquiring a Used RV

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Does your job require you to travel throughout the country? Do you wish for a place to call home every time you leave?  Or do you just love the thought of recreational driving while in a comfortable vehicle?  If there's one vehicle that can make you combine work and play, it has to be a Recreational Vehicle or RV.

Imagine driving an RV between two cities like Red Deer and Edmonton, Alberta. If you have your family with you, you can drive them to Red Deer for biking and cross-country skiing at Waskasoo Park. Or from Red Park, you can drive to Edmonton to see the Works Art & Design Festival or watch the Edmonton Indy. Just think: you enjoy driving and your family enjoys sightseeing, all done in the comfort of an RV.

If this is the first time you're considering an RV, you'll likely be better off buying a used one.  But even if buying a used RV is more practical, there are certain things you need to check to ensure you're getting an RV in good condition.  If you plan to do this yourself, you can use a 3-point checklist to help you find a good one. 


If the used RV has water leaks anywhere, it will cause you a lot of trouble later.  Water leaks can eventually rust metal parts, ruin electrical parts, or create other less-obvious defects that will ruin your RV and cost you a lot for repair.  Do a walkthrough of the vehicle and feel for spongy floorboards.  Touch the ceiling and walls for a similar spongy feel or discoloration, and inspect the body for any excessive rust or sealants that indicate leaks.


Other than the usual inspection of the engine, check the RV's rubber belts, hoses, tires, propane tanks, and gas regulators. To check the engine, do a test drive like any car or RV Red Deer vehicle owner does when getting a new car, and listen if there's anything that sounds or feels out of the ordinary. Don't forget to examine brakes and handling.


All RVs Edmonton residents own have a complex electrical system because of their size and design. Like water leaks, electrical problems can worsen if not addressed immediately.  Ask an auto mechanic to inspect the RV's wiring, lights and blinkers.  Test the battery if it needs to be replaced.

Like any responsible driver, inspect the RV Red Deer or Edmonton dealers offer to save you any future trouble and give you your money's worth.  Better yet, get a vehicle history from the dealer so you'll know what repairs were done on the vehicle.  Read more about RVs and motor homes from, and

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Three-Point Checklist before Acquiring a Used RV

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This article was published on 2012/06/03