The 7 Most Important Detailing Tips

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Just about everyone cleans a vehicle some time in their life. Whether it is yours or grandmas you have spent some time cleaning some type of vehicle. As many of you probably thought you were cleaning the vehicle properly, the majority of you most likely did something wrong. When it comes to detailing, people think they are doing the right things but many times that is not the case. So, we are going to go over the major tips to follow when cleaning your vehicle.

  1. Research. Do the research to find out how to actually clean a car the right way. Don’t think that you already know how to because you can always learn more on how to do it the right way. So take 15 minutes to look up the best ways and things to use when cleaning your vehicle.
  2. Equipment. Before even thinking about touching your vehicle, get all of the proper equipment that you will need to clean your vehicle safely. Many people just focus on the cleaning the vehicle part but, it is very important to remember the safely part as well. Your vehicle is like your body, if you use the wrong things to clean it, you will be damaging it more than helping it. You need to get
  3. Techniques. Don’t just haphazardly start cleaning the vehicle with your equipment without knowing the right techniques to use. Technique does matter if you want to safely and thoroughly clean the vehicle to get the best results.
  4. Effort. Don’t just lazily wash your vehicle. Put some care and energy in it. You will end up being more careful with the cleaning process and overall get a much better outcome.
  5. Take your time. Don’t rush it. Too many people hurry up to clean their vehicle and that is how problems arise. If you do too fast and forget to do a step, it could end up damaging your vehicle.
  6. Location. Be smart about where you clean your vehicle. Don’t wash the outside in direct sunlight. If you do then the soap will dry on the vehicle which isn’t good and you might even end up with water spots. Wash it in the shade.
  7. Time of day. Wash the vehicle at a time in the day where the sun isn’t the hottest. Morning or evening it the best time to clean your vehicle. This will be better for not only you but for the vehicle because the body will be at a cooler temperature when you are washing the vehicle and waxing it.

If you follow these steps with care then, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your vehicle looking better than it did when you bought it.

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The 7 Most Important Detailing Tips

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The 7 Most Important Detailing Tips

This article was published on 2013/05/25