Technological Improvements in Modern Day Vehicles

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Technological Improvements in Modern Day Vehicles

Number of gadgets and electronic equipment stuffed in modern day vehicles is simply shocking. Automakers are trying their best to keep up with rapidly changing times, they now incorporate as much cutting edge technology into their vehicles, as possible, to give them a competitive edge over their competitors. This race for launching the most tech avid automobile in market is partially fueled by demand of such gadgets by masses and partially because old car makers want to associate more with their young audience, so bringing technological improvements is more of a need to reinvent their brand image.

Even technology used in engines is now getting frequent updates from manufacturers, thus giving replacement engine industry a run for their money. But in most instances these technological advancements eased tasks of mechanics and engineers as units like ECU actually diagnose the problem, saving plenty of time and effort previously required in troubleshooting. Many a times replacement engine providers equip recon and used engines with similar sensors and control units, to keep engine monitoring and maintenance easier.

Though engine might be most important organ in an automobile, its evolution is slower compared to other ancillary components like gearbox, sound system, navigation and climate control systems. Among the most dramatically improved components, sound system has made the most progress. From road noise cancellation to satellite and HD radio and from DVD theatre system to immensely crisper sound, modern day audio systems in vehicles are complete entertainment modules and are generations apart from AM and FM radio systems of vehicles in 1980s.

This particular gadget is making technological strides for its survival; it actually found its way from elite, luxury vehicles to modern day family and mid range automobiles. Sat-Nav or Satellite Navigation system was previously considered an expensive option but now it comes as standard equipment in most European and American models, Asian market still considers it an extravagance. Though, almost all modern day smart phones and tablets come equipped with a navigation system, offering as much utility and features as a separate unit, these modules are still incorporated in vehicles and are waiting to get completely swiped by advancing technology.

Finally climate control unit is also worth mentioning as the capability to retain separate climate zones for driver and passenger is an astounding feat. Chances are, in near future some of these technological advancements will be swapped or replaced by new ones and some will evolve to ensure their survival.

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Technological Improvements in Modern Day Vehicles

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Technological Improvements in Modern Day Vehicles

This article was published on 2012/05/09