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Although remote controlled scaled down vehicles can be fun, even for adults, they are nothing compared to powerful nitro radio controlled vehicles. They are an excellent upgrade from RC's powered by battery cells. What you'll find under a battery fueled vehicle is completely different to that of a nitro fueled one, which usually includes an engine!

It's one of the top reasons why many people start building nitro radio controlled scaled cars. Regular battery run RC cars are limited in terms of customization and they don't need much work. When they run low, you just need to give them a charge or replace their batteries.

Now, this isn't to say that to remote control cars aren't fun. They can get pretty fast and some vehicles can do some cool tricks. Keeping speed in mind however, there's nothing quite as fast or fun to build and customize than a nitro fueled remote controlled vehicle.

Walk into a hobby store and you will be wowed with such a wide selection of nitro radio controlled scaled models including drag racers, speedboats and stunt planes. It's highly unlikely that you'll ever find yourself becoming uninterested in nitro RC models. If you want to get stuck in, you can start building your own kit from scratch or choose a ready to run model that is fully constructed and needs only fuel.

Most people generally find that the satisfaction lies in building their own RC vehicles. Many people choose land vehicles because they're easier to control and offer a huge amount of scope to customize and replace parts. Although scaled down, it can feel much like working on a real vehicle. You can choose your own tires, customize the body kit, choose the engine and a whole lot more.

Generally, a kit can take a day to finish, but for those that enjoy customizing their vehicles it can take much longer. Building nitro RC vehicles is more than a hobby. There are a number of organized conventions a year specifically for RC hobbyists to get together and talk about radio controlled models.

There's always an opportunity to upgrade your RC model which keeps it interesting. There are enthusiasts who enjoy laboring over a huge build and turning their vehicle into a real beast on the road. Of course, the fun is also in the racing of nitro radio controlled vehicles and watching them really go. They're incredibly loud and go at a blistering pace. Some top of the range RC's can go beyond 70 kilometers an hour, which is seriously fast!
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Nitro Radio Controlled Toys

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This article was published on 2011/01/01