New Energy Engine Technology Gap Between Domestic And Foreign Has Been Opened - Internal Combustion

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Although Car Manufacturers to promote their own in new and different Energy Engine Technology, but in fact the new engine's technical categories, as well as energy development always follow the rules. In this way, a lot of technology has achieved some results.

Fuel hydrogen rotary engine Three-dimensional framework of the classification CPPCC Standing Committee, Tsinghua University Automotive Safety and Energy Director of State Key Laboratory of High Ouyang Ming Pao reporter to the Chinese industry, new energy vehicles in the fuel, can be divided into liquid fuel, gas and electricity are three.

"Three broad categories of fuel use at the present stage of the product is gasoline and diesel vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles and electric vehicles. After, the use of these three categories of fuel future product will be hybrids, hydrogen fuel vehicles and use of nuclear power and so completely non-polluting electric cars. "he said.

In engine technology, there are three types, namely, internal combustion engines, bio-and gas engines and electric.

Ouyang Ming Gao said: "The development of internal combustion engines is steam from an advanced Diesel engine The progressive development of hybrid, mixed hybrid but also through weak, moderate and severe mixed mixing process to the final development of hybrid rechargeable; gas fuel engine technology is the next most viable hydrogen power. "

Has made some achievements abroad Japan has just released a new energy direction is the core of a car engine battery, hydrogen fuel cells and clean diesel Third, the United States tend to study in electric cars.

But both the hydrogen-powered or electric, the world's major car companies of all kinds of new energy technologies are the core of some progress has been made, and research for new energy vehicles are still continuing basis.

Weak current hybrid car in Japan can be 38% energy saving and new energy vehicles in order to meet future development, Japan has begun the road, transforming the surrounding facilities, including residential facilities. Nissan has also been made in battery substantive results.

Germany now has to rely on wind power and the technology to produce hydrogen, which completely green manufacturing methods for the BMW hydrogen car has been studying the hydrogen-powered vehicles have a positive effect. Related

Toyota official told reporters, although Toyota has introduced a hybrid product, but Toyota has not given up any kind of new energy vehicles.

Domestic lack of core technology Domestic automobile enterprises of new energy technologies are not advanced. China Machinery Industry Zhang Xiaoyu, vice president told the China Federation of Industry News, he said, China has not yet appropriate technology to produce Toyota hybrid vehicles like Lexus.

Ouyang Ming Gao also said: "At present China is the core technology of new energy vehicles also lack of competitiveness." He believes that China's new energy vehicles in the core technology platforms, there is no surprise. For example, in the engine electronic control, direct injection, electric auxiliary booster, electric valve, variable compression ratio technology.

"The weak current Honda hybrid car can be saving 38%, while Chinese products can only reach the level of energy saving of 20%. This proves that the new energy vehicles in China such as electronic control technology has yet to be research."

But domestic automakers are also working hard. Brilliance Automotive relevant official told reporters, Brilliance Automotive, mainly in hybrid currently conducting a study, but did not give up other Technology. "We believe hydrogen is the future direction of alternative energy sources, but to achieve hydrogen will take some time." She said.

Great Wall Motor in this year's Beijing Auto Show to display the electric car, but the reporter learned from the Great Wall Motor, the car to mass production, may also need a year or two. "Because the current for battery recycling and other issues yet to be resolved." Great Wall of relevant official told reporters.

Europe and the United States on preferential policies
Not only in technology, and foreign automakers in China there is a gap. In the preferential policies, China has no real policies, while other countries have a lot of support for new energy vehicle development policymaking.

In the U.S., hybrid vehicles each light a concession of up to 3400 U.S. dollars, the cost of natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicles to increase some 50% to 80% of the financial subsidies; Japan's electric, natural gas and other clean energy vehicles to 50% of the tax cuts, and give with the same level of conventional vehicles spread of 1 / 2 of preferential subsidies, while natural gas fuel supply device can enjoy some of the equipment cost of subsidies; France to give every one electric vehicles 15,000 francs of subsidies, of which 1 million francs to the vehicle manufacturer, 5,000 francs (including taxes) to purchase electric vehicles for private or corporate enterprises; in the UK, if the driving hybrid vehicles into the City of London, will waive the cost of 5 into the city.

These preferential policies for the development of new energy vehicles are a powerful impetus.
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New Energy Engine Technology Gap Between Domestic And Foreign Has Been Opened - Internal Combustion

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This article was published on 2011/01/23