New Audi A4 2014 With Latest E-Quattro System

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Those who are a great fan of the Audi A4, there is  good news for them as the company is soon going to replace it with the new one. There are some fantastic and fresh impressions available of this vehicle over the web mentioning that it is in 2014 when the company is going to launch Audi A4, which is codenamed as B9. It will be a clear representation of intelligence and it will be the first model of the Audi that the company will premiere two electric Quattro drivetrain in hybrid form. The vehicle is 100kg lighter as it is made using completely new architecture which is not only light but also flexible. Car with 100 Kgs lighter weight as compared to the old model is a momentous achievement and only brand like Audi can make it possible.

Such a decrease in the weight will also improve the performance, economy, handling and emissions. In order to compete with its competitors, there is a need of such improvements in several car elements so that it can keep up its standard with fast moving rivals.

Every car brand is in the run of introducing some new idea or concept in their vehicle. Then how the Audi can stay behind in this race? The company is also planning to premiere a new e-quattro system on their new Audi as it is expected that it will drop the mechanical propshafts and diffs needed in the present Q cars. It is essential because such a system will favor a rear axle which is electrically driven. It also adds two e-motors that deliver an amalgamated 136bhp to control the rear wheels. It is somewhat similar to the Peugeot Citren Hybrid4 System PSA that enables 20 miles of silent e-running the city in rear wheel driving mode or powerpacks for autobahn hoofing. This system will also be capable of dialing the understeer that carries on plague FWD Audi’s through an electric torque vectoring magic wand.

The new Audi A4 headlights will be in such a way that it will provide a special and outstanding exterior to this upcoming vehicle. There will be something new, and that is incomparable providing ease in driving at the time when there is dark all around. There is one more fascinating thing about this vehicle that is expected to be there. It is a highly powerful 225bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine and a long in arrears high-end 2.0 litre TDI rates 295lb ft. and 197bhp. All the new engines are now equipped with new EU6 regs that disappeared Multitronic transmission. The company is all set to confiscate its reputation as a driver’s cars with the new MLBevo element set that will improve the dynamics of this existing model. It is expected to be extremely stiff and strong which will give the chassis tuners a whopping leeway.

Many more features along with all this will make this vehicle a real hero among the market. It will be only cleared whenever the company will launch this vehicle in real.

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New Audi A4 2014 With Latest E-Quattro System

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New Audi A4 2014 With Latest E-Quattro System

This article was published on 2013/06/26