Lightbars LED - lighting the way for our first responders

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Large two-tiered Lightbars LED on top of an emergency vehicle is hard to miss. Yet we have first responders killed and injured on our roads every year. In the main first responders are struck by other vehicles because the driver is not paying due care and attention to the road and any situation up ahead. If you see flashing lights you should immediately drop your speed and be ultra vigilant in your concentration. First response personnel could be on the highway ahead attending to someone that needs their help.

What is your response to seeing flashing Lightbars LED in your rear view mirror or up ahead on the highway? Would you slow down, would you speed up or would you stick to that advised in your State's Move Over law. The last response is the correct one. 'Move Over' law has been introduced in nearly all states in an effort to protect our first responders. You may think what is published in your state is common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people would react very differently in such situations.

Lightbars LED come in different shapes, sizes and colors so they are suitable for any first response vehicle from the smallest to the largest. There will be a requirement for emergency vehicles to have some form of lighting as a visual warning and some form of siren as an audible warning. Although like the Move Over law this will vary from state to state. One thing is certain, some kind of Lightbars LED is needed to keep road users informed of hazard ahead, traffic advising or warning that there are stationary vehicles.

Don't ever ignore any flashing Lightbars LED that you see in your rear view mirror as the police could be advising you to pull over. There is probably good reason they are pulling you over, although that will not immediately be apparent to you. Maybe you have a tail light out or they have spotted something, which bears further inspection about your vehicle. If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear if the police do ask you to pull to the side of the road. Ignoring a police officer asking you to pull over is tantamount to admitting guilt of some sort!

Imagine a huge pile up on the highway. Emergency vehicles will be rushing to the scene from different directions and in varying numbers. At a single scene you could have police, firefighters, EMT and recovery vehicles. Imagine the confusion and disarray if they did not have their Lightbars LED lit and highlighting the problem there is. Without the lights to advise of the hazard and danger to other road users, there could be further multiple accidents and that doesn't bear thinking about. Lightbars LED do light the way to our first responder safety and security whilst going about their duties.

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Lightbars LED - lighting the way for our first responders

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This article was published on 2010/12/16