Finding 4wd & 4x4 Dealers In Australia

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Numerous consumers in Australia desiring luxury 4WDs and new 4x4s enjoy the end of the year deals offered by dealerships. To find

good deals, consumers should peruse dealer websites and other specialty dealer websites offering deals online. Consumers willing to

purchase used vehicles will find a number of vehicles below dealer prices. Websites are available that focus on specific types of

vehicles or specific models. Consumers should search for 4wd dealer websites that offer a variety of luxury 4x4s for consumer



Consumers searching for affordability should probably consider a used 4x4 vehicle dealer that sells vehicles with low mileage and

good maintenance records. Some of these vehicles may be offered in the mid to low $7,000 range. Most of these vehicles were

manufactured in 1999 or 2000. While they do not offer new features such as iPod docking stations and hands free talking, these

vehicles may accommodate after-factory devices easily. Consumers may simply find a location that will install the devices.

Consumers seeking newer vehicles may find new SUVs with built-in GPS navigation, hands free phone docking stations, alarm systems,

alloy wheels, fuel injection, premium sound systems, leather seats and other premium features that newer 4WD SUVs have.

***How to Find 4x4 Dealers***

Determine the type of 4x4 vehicle that you are interested in purchasing. Peruse the dealer websites of the 4x4 vehicles before

making a final decision. Many 4wd dealer websites will list the available dealerships within a given location.

Some websites have online inquiry forms where consumers may enter the characteristics of the vehicle that may need to purchase.

Several vehicles will be presented based upon the search criteria. Consumers may choose from the vehicles selected and schedule an

appointment for negotiations or a test drive.

***How to Find Used 4x4 Dealers***

Used 4x4 dealers are more difficult to locate. Use a search engine to find used 4x4 dealers. The most relevant 4x4 dealers will

appear. Some of the dealers will be specific to certain 4x4 SUV models, and others will have a variety of SUVs. Select the website

that is congruent with your searching habits. While websites offering deals on a variety of luxury vehicles save time, dealerships

that focus on one type often have better deals. Consider both to find the best prices on the vehicle that you desire.

***Tips for Buying from a 4WD Dealer***

Dealers with numerous 4x4 vehicles on the lot may often focus on volume sales. These 4WD dealers will be more apt to price

negotiate, when compared to smaller dealers. Drive away deals may offer consumers up to 4% off of the purchase price of the

vehicle. Consumers should research several dealers to receive the best price available for the vehicle. Knowing the vehicles value

and the typical sale price of a vehicle in its class will help consumers negotiate the vehicle price.

Consumers should also be aware of vehicles that "exclude government charges" (Ex-GC). These vehicles will add additional charges at

the time of purchase. If the vehicle is marked "POA", then the price will be the price on application. Consider these extra costs

and stipulations to avoid surprises before purchasing the vehicle.


Luxury 4x4 dealers are plentiful for people who are seeking this type of vehicle. Consumers must decide what they want before

searching for the 4WD dealer to minimize the time spent at the dealership. People who go to the dealership prepared are more likely

to receive a deal close to cost plus a reasonable commission. Always select the best vehicle with the most features for the least

amount of money.
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Finding 4wd & 4x4 Dealers In Australia

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This article was published on 2010/12/22