Seniors and Distracted Driving

By: Jordan Perch | May 9, 2013 Distracted driving is a serious issue among senior and teenage drivers. The following article explains the causes of distracted driving and offers tips on how to avoid it.

Is your car ready for the MOT test?

By: Steve Smith | May 8, 2013 MOT test is mandatory for every vehicle that is more than three years. You can contact an authorized center near you to make your car road trustworthy.

Advantages of Honda's Intelligent Multi-Information Display

By: Nate Rodney | May 3, 2013 The introduction of Honda's 2013 models brought Honda's Intelligent Multi-Information display (i-MID) to Honda drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. This new interface allows drivers to personalize their display, while receiving driving-related information and entertainment, taking vehicle interfaces to a new level. Read on to find out about the different options i-MID features.

Commercial Drivers vs. Other Drivers

By: Jordan Perch | Apr 24, 2013 The following post explains the specifics of commercial driving. Also, it talks about the traffic issues and fuel economy for commercial drivers.

Auto Repair Services – Some Crucial Facts to Consider

By: Eric Ben | Apr 17, 2013 Given the present busy lifestyle, there’s nothing more beneficial that an automobile. In order to get the optimum benefit out of it, make sure that all the parts of your vehicle are in harmony and work at a basic level.

MOT analyze – The actual analyze centre need to make sure right analyze outcomes

By: Andrew Smith | Apr 16, 2013 The actual MOT is a mandatory analyze that need to be carried out by the authorised assessment centres. Ensure that your car can be accurately tried plus it travels the actual MOT with no hassle.

Use Dust Extraction System as Best Garage Equipment

By: Dara Conor | Apr 12, 2013 In order to keep your garage clean and well maintained, you use several equipments. Now use dust extraction, one of the best garage equipment for the same purpose.

Whats The Life of a Tyre?

By: Patric Foley | Apr 11, 2013 In summary, your tyres can last anywhere between 20,000 miles and 80,000 miles. When you fit your next tyres, take note of the mileage you got and try to extend the mileage of your next set of tyres using some of the above tips in driving styles. So some research which brands give you good mileage and value for your money. Consider checking tyre pressure and don’t forget to rotate your tyres

The Rising Need of Encoders

By: Shiv Technology | Apr 10, 2013 These days, automated perform an improving part in all commercial programs. The opportunity of automated is not only to support human providers in projects that include hard and risky physical work, but first of all to enhance the quality and enhance the ability of the development system itself.

Improving car image with Dodge stratus headlights

By: Gilbert Fernandes | Apr 9, 2013 Dodge Stratus is a special car model and it deserves something different when it is a matter of the lighting assembly. Choosing a good pair of bright light producing headlight is a good option as it will enhance its beauty manifolds.
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