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South Carolina offers its residents ample access to countryside, back roads, and hills. As a result of its geographic and topographical features, the state represents has an irresistible appeal to those who enjoy getting out and about on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles. There is a permissive culture surrounding ATVs and motocross bikes that has led many adults to allow underage riders to operate these vehicles on their own. There are laws that govern the use of these vehicles but they are largely ignored out of a blend of tradition and unfamiliarity with the regulations, and this can prove to be incredibly dangerous.

The notion that all-terrain vehicles are safe can quickly be put away with consideration of one sobering fact. Every year across the nation hundreds of people are killed in ATV accidents. Children and adults who believe that they are engaging in a harmless recreational activity have their lives tragically cut short because they are unaware of the dangers that face them and do not mount up with an appropriately safety conscious mindset. Around every bend and over every hill waits a new, unseen threat and the last thing one should have to worry about is that his or her own vehicle and safety gear will fail.

ATV Accident Injuries

As with any motor vehicle use, there is a substantial risk of injury associated with collision accidents. Travel at high rates of speed (anything faster than a brisk run) exceeds the capacity of the body's anatomical and physiological defense systems and any impact at these speeds may result in serious injury. This already present danger is made more hazardous because there is no enclosure to protect an ATV rider, virtually guaranteeing that he or she will be cast off of a 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler in the event of a crash.

Understandably, this again increases the potential for serious injury. Occasionally, negligent riding behaviors or reckless thrill-seeking may be identified as contributing factors in an ATV accident. But in a number of other cases, defective or malfunctioning vehicles and parts are to blame. Defective tires can burst, causing a rider to lose control. Malfunctioning brakes can leave a rider unable to stop before striking an otherwise avoidable obstacle in his or her path. Defective helmets can fail to insulate a thrown rider's head from impact. Injuries that may be encountered in an ATV accident include:

- Traumatic brain injuries
- Spinal cord injuries
- Fractured bones
- Severe lacerations
- Death

Take Action

If you suspect that your all-terrain vehicle accident was caused by a defective or malfunctioning quad-bike, then you should speak with an experienced attorney. Contact the Charleston all-terrain vehicle accident lawyers of the Steinberg Law Firm.

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ATVS - All-Terror Vehicles

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This article was published on 2010/03/27