Keeping it Down: CE Proofing Sound Test Process

By: Mark Brown | Nov 15, 2011 One of the provisions of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) requires marine crafts to comply with designated noise levels depending on the design category.

How to Find a Good Boat for Purchase

By: Tia Oshields | Nov 1, 2011 There are many machines used in everyday life and some of the most utilized machines today are those involved in transportation.

Boat Dealers in Edmonton

By: Tia Oshields | Nov 1, 2011 Different types of transport machines are now available for the public’s enjoyment and satisfaction.

Compliance to Standards for Boats

By: Mark Brown | Oct 13, 2011 Businesses also have quality control standards. These standards are implemented to ensure their products and services are satisfactory for their consumers. A business needs to continuously satisfy its customers, or even exceed their expectations.

CE Marking Services for Boats

By: Mark Brown | Oct 13, 2011 If you are to buy a boat that you will use in European waters, be sure to look for one bearing the CE mark. It is better to buy a boat with a certified mark so you can avoid the lengthy process of filling for a certification.

Provisions in the Recreational Craft Directive

By: Mark Brown | Oct 13, 2011 Life Rafts. The directive also stresses the importance of carrying a number of life rafts based on the capacity of the craft. Any water craft that is longer than six meters must carry life rafts to accommodate passengers and crew in the event of a maritime accident.

CE Mark: The Symbol of Free Trade

By: Mark Brown | Oct 13, 2011 The CE mark has been used since 1993. Its logo is about 5 mm high. Since it is an important indicator of a product’s compliance with EU directives, it is what makes the product valid. A product with a CE mark can be sold throughout the EEA.

The Key to Easy EU Market Penetration

By: Mark Brown | Oct 13, 2011 First, the boat CE marking indicates you take care of your customers. The CE marking is only given to importers who have undergone and passed a series of tests for product safety. If you have this label, it means your imports are ready for public consumption.

Why an Audi Radiator System Needs to Be in Running Condition?

By: John Alvar | Sep 30, 2011 An Audi radiator protects the internal combustion engine of a car. As the car’s engine moves in different parts, the movement causes friction which produces heat. Motor oil is pumped to provide lubrication to these engine blocks; however this is not enough to overcome heat.

Spoilers Made Especially For BMW Cars

By: samy cary | Aug 19, 2011 Bayeriche Motoren Werke (BMW) is a German based automobile company. BMW manufactures automobiles, motorcycles, trucks etc. BMW was very popular all over the world due to its luxurious appearance and Performance. There are many accessories that enhance the gaze of which spoilers are very small and vital accessory.
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